UPDATES to "Five Good Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Congressman to Vote NO on CAFTA!"
STOPCAFTA.com Action Alert Email, July 1, 2005
Stop the FTAA!


UPDATES to "Five Good Reasons Why You Need to Convince Your Congressman to Vote NO on CAFTA!"

  • As we projected would happen in our "Five Good Reasons" action alert email on June 29, the Senate approved CAFTA by a vote of 54 to 45 on June 30.
  • Now the battle shifts to the House, which is expected to vote on CAFTA in mid- to late-July. The relatively close Senate vote provides encouragement that we can defeat CAFTA in the House. The House vote is projected to be too close to call, so your success in persuading your representative to vote NO on CAFTA could be decisive in this battle to preserve American independence!  
  • Since many representatives will be in their home districts during the Fourth of July recess, July 2-10, take full advantage of your special status as a voter and opinion molder to educate your rep about CAFTA. Remember that all 435 representatives, especially the Republicans, are under intense pressure from the Bush administration and the Republican congressional leadership to approve CAFTA.  You'll need to rev up your presentation in order to successfully counter the pro-CAFTA juggernaut.
  • Please continue confronting your representative with the "CAFTA's Threats to U.S. Independence" document and activating your networks of influence to do likewise, as outlined in our "Five Good Reasons" alert on June 29.
  • Please begin using an exciting, new video clip, "The War on the Border" by Will Grigg to help convince those concerned about illegal immigration and amnesty (including city and police officials) to help us defeat CAFTA in the House. E-mail links to "The War on the Border" video clip along with Will's other video clip, "DANGER: CAFTA," for a powerful one, two punch against CAFTA. Include a link to our "Five Good Reasons" alert to inspire them to join our crusade to preserve our country's independence by stopping CAFTA dead in its tracks! 


NEW! "The War on the Border," Will Grigg video clip


Stay tuned to STOPCAFTA.com for further updates in the STOP CAFTA! battle.

Let's win this one!

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