CAFTA Can Be Stopped! Please Keep the Pressure on Your Rep!
By, July 21, 2005
Stop the FTAA!

CAFTA Can Be Stopped! Please Keep the Pressure on Your Rep!
"So far, administration officials concede they still do not have the votes to pass CAFTA in the House."
                                                                                               --- Washington Post, July 21, 2005

This is it! Our nation's independence and our personal freedom hang in the balance.

  • House leaders project a vote on CAFTA next week (more precisely on July 27th). As reported in the Washington Post today, the administration concedes they still don't have enough votes to pass CAFTA. A sign of that shortfall is the fact that the House Ways and Means Committee has repeatedly delayed submitting its favorable committee report that would clear the way for a vote by the full House.
  • However, do not be deceived. The Bush administration and its pro-CAFTA allies have been very busy on many fronts during the past couple months, building toward a CAFTA majority, vote by vote. Remember that in 1993 NAFTA was supposed to be in trouble, but still won handily. Furthermore, this administration has a record of winning the close votes.
  • Still, the vote promises to be a real cliffhanger. Many of you have already helped keep CAFTA on the ropes. Now you must keep the pressure on your rep either to maintain his intention to vote no or to switch from yes to no.
  • Last Friday, President Bush lobbied for CAFTA in the Carolinas yet appears to have come away with nothing. Grassroots anti-CAFTA pressure there has been intense. It needs to be just as intense in every congressional district.
  • Our latest tool for impressing your rep that CAFTA must be defeated is "CAFTA Battle Rages in Congress," The New American, July 25, 2005 issue.  This hard-hitting article gives specific examples of how CAFTA threatens our independence by quoting directly from the CAFTA Agreement itself.
  • See the July issue of STAY INFORMED, the STOP the FTAA Newsletter, for links to our earlier CAFTA alerts and our "Danger: CAFTA " video clip. See also "The War on the Border" video clip, which links the illegal immigration problem with CAFTA. You can forward the links to the video clips to your representative and his staff, as well as to others in your sphere of influence.
  • Check the "What's Hot" section of regularly for the latest news on the CAFTA battle.

So it's come to this. Many of you have it in your power to make the difference in this critically important CAFTA vote.

Let's win this one for ourselves and our families!

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