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Preserve Our Borders: Say NO to AMNESTY and the FTAA!

Your influence is urgently needed to give Congress the backbone to resist dangerous proposals that would further undermine our national borders. As a first step, please read and send the following petition to your congressman and two U.S. senators. Then send this message to others in your circle of influence so that they can do likewise.

The proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) presents a serious threat to both our national borders and our national independence. The European-Union style FTAA is being deceptively promoted as an effort to increase prosperity through free trade. Instead, this revolutionary proposal would expand NAFTA to set up new layers of socialist regulation to which all nations of this hemisphere would have to submit.

As the peoples of Europe are discovering, their original so-called “free trade” bloc, the Common Market, was but a steppingstone to a merger of their nations under a regional government, with a common currency, a European central bank, a European army, and no enforcement of common borders.

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