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Regional Mergers on the Road to the Global Total State
William F. Jasper

The John Birch Society Bulletin, April 2002


The revolutionary event of New Year’s Day 2002 did not come amidst spectacular violence like the storming of the Bastille in 1789, the storming of the Russian Winter Palace in 1917, or the storming of the United States embassy in Tehran in 1979. It is to these and similar violent events that the court historians direct our attention when examining and explaining the world revolution of modern times.

But the actions of the revolutionary cadres in the streets and at the barricades are never the spontaneous affairs that these “historians” describe. And the importance of these revolutionary activities in the streets pales in comparison to the revolutionary activity being sponsored and directed today by the White House, the offices of the European Union, corporate boardrooms, and private think tanks.

The imposition of the new “euro” currency upon the people of Europe on January 1st was a revolutionary event of the first magnitude. In one fell swoop, national currencies that had existed for hundreds of years were wiped out, along with the economic sovereignty of 12 nations. Their economic fate is now in the hands of a cabal of central bankers operating through the European Central Bank — and accountable only to the one-world Insiders whom they serve. The people of the “captive nations” of the European Union (EU) had no say in the matter; the scheme was gradually foisted upon them through a decades-long campaign of deception. Opposition voices were drowned out by the massive, pro-euro campaign, financed by funds from corporate and foundation Insiders, and by tax monies taken from the European taxpayers to pay for their own destruction.

Political sovereignty is following along the same fateful path; faceless EU bureaucrats and judges are over-ruling national laws and imposing a new Soviet-style collective upon “Euroland.” As Christopher Story, publisher of the London-based Soviet Analyst, told The New American (“From Euro to Union,” January 28, 2002), the EU program is “purely a Communist program, which is why Mikhail Gorbachev, when he visited London … [in March 2000] was correct in describing the EU as ‘the new European Soviet.’ One does not need an advanced degree in Leninist studies to see this.”

Was Mr. Gorbachev being cute or facetious? Not in the least! He knows exactly what he’s talking about; over the past decade, he has worked closely with his internationalist brethren at the Council on Foreign Relations to bring about East-West “convergence.” The prestigious “State of the World Forum” conclaves sponsored by his Gorbachev Foundation, in conjunction with these Western Insiders, have been critically important in this “great merger” process. They have been part of an elaborate process of deception to convince the opinion molders of the West, and thence the general public, that “We won the Cold War.”

Unfortunately, the ruse has succeeded all too well. While the people of the West have been celebrating the supposed collapse of Communism, the convergence strategy for Sovietizing the West has proceeded apace. Few beyond the readers of these pages realize that this strategy was revealed to an official federal investigator by a high-level co-conspirator half a century ago. In 1953, congressional investigator Dr. Norman Dodd was told by H. Rowan Gaither, then head of the Ford Foundation, that he and others were working under instructions “to so alter life in the United States” that our nation could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

The Ford Foundation, along with the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations, was also working furiously at that time to bring about the merger of the Soviet Union with Western Europe. Thanks to the political and economic chaos caused by World War II and the socialist programs fastened on Europe by the CFR Insiders administering the Marshall Plan, the merger process moved much more quickly on that side of the Atlantic. The Sovietization of Europe has come not with the sound of clanking tank treads and the dread footfall of Red Army boots, but under the benign banners of “free trade,” “stabilization,” “harmonization,” and “globalization.”

The people of Europe were never told that the process begun in 1951 with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) was being directed by secret architects and administrators who planned to move them through several stages before bringing them to the final goal of a socialist European superstate. In fact, they repeatedly were told precisely the opposite. Alert observers and political, military, and business leaders who pointed out the obvious dangers to national sovereignty posed by the growing European institutions were quickly neutralized by bribery, intimidation, or campaigns aimed at discrediting and marginalizing them. The public was continually assured that the European movement would never lead to full political and economic union; they were told that concerns about loss of sovereignty to a socialist bureaucracy in Brussels were the hobgoblins of vicious, right-wing, nationalist fear-mongers.

The warnings of the fear-mongers, however, have been proven true. The ECSC gradually mutated into the European Economic Community or Common Market (EEC), then the European Community (EC), then the European Union (EU). At each step along the way, assurances were given that the new developments would lead to greater freedom and prosperity, as peoples and products would be able to flow more freely across national borders.

Some small inkling of the darker, more sinister, nature of the process can be found in a recent front-page story in the Wall Street Journal. In a March 1, 2002 story entitled, “Tough Tactics: European Regulators Spark Controversy With ‘Dawn Raids,’” the Journal’s Philip Shishkin reported that “European Union antitrust investigators showed up unannounced at Coca-Cola Co.’s London offices early one morning in 1999.” He went on to report:

Even though they didn’t have a search warrant, the investigators scoured desktop computers and searched e-mail servers. They sifted through hundreds of messages and left with copies of those that contained such key words as “confidential,” “competition,” and “discount.” They also took copies of confidential legal documents prepared by Coke’s in-house lawyers....

There is no judicial review before what’s known as a dawn raid.... In fact, judges don’t have the authority to question, or even see, the justification for a raid. The only approval needed is from the EU’s antitrust chief, Mario Monti....

The above article points out that Mr. Monti, a former economics professor, “is taking big steps to expand the controversial practice,” including seeking the power to interrogate employees without allowing them the benefit of legal counsel. The Journal story continues:
The dawn raids are part of the stormy battle for political power in Europe, where national governments vie with Brussels to exercise control. The EU’s bureaucrats, who mainly regulate trade and antitrust matters, were never envisioned as a substitute for the member nations’ governments. Lacking the legal weaponry of a full-fledged government, they have become creative about pushing the boundaries of the authority they do have.

While it is true that most citizens of the EU countries “never envisioned” eurocrats in Brussels replacing their respective national governments, it is demonstrably false that the designers of the EU did not envision and fully intend precisely that outcome. Moreover, the designers have engaged in every form of scheming, lying, and deception imaginable to bring it about.

And in “the stormy battle for political power,” the battle lines are not so neatly drawn between Brussels and the national governments. Many of the national leaders posture as opponents of the Eurosocialists in Brussels but are nothing of the sort; they are phony opponents whose job it is to prevent real nationalists from gaining political prominence and then, at the critical moment, to pull their punches or reverse course completely, causing the nationalist opposition to fracture and crumble. Sound familiar?

These so-called “dawn raids” on corporations are but one manifestation of the steel fist beneath the EU’s velvet glove. The EU bureaucrats do far more than “mainly regulate trade and antitrust matters.” People in all walks of life are feeling the blows of that malevolent fist. Even before the “mad cow” and foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks had provided pretexts for control by the Eurocrats, farmers were facing devastating edicts from the EU. Fishermen, too, as well as manufacturers, shippers, and other businessmen are being pummeled. EU immigration policies have, in effect, erased national borders and flooded Europe with a huge “third world” population, an especially large and problematical portion of which is Islamic. Policies concerning education, taxation, abortion, and homosexuality are likewise now increasingly being dictated from Brussels.

Completely cognizant of the fact that they lack “the legal weaponry of a full-fledged government,” the EU Insiders are currently at work to remedy this deficiency. In March, the EU began a year-long constitutional convention to formally legalize and expand the EU’s powers and to administer the coup de grace to the lingering shreds of national sovereignty.

In 1788, James Madison commented that “there are more instances of abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.” The EU experience is a frightening confirmation of Madison’s observation. We are watching tyranny in the making.

An American “EU”

How does this concern us as Americans? As we well know, the same fate is planned for us as well — on a much more accelerated schedule than has taken place with the EU. In the Western Hemisphere, the Insiders hope to accomplish in roughly five years what it has taken them 50 years to accomplish in Europe!

They are already far along toward the creation of a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which is aimed at the EU-style economic and political merging of the nations of North and South America. One year ago, President Bush journeyed to Quebec, Canada, to help kick off a major new phase in that process. We reported in The New American (“Pincer Strategy Behind the FTAA,” May 21, 2001):
The Quebec Summit, like the 1994 Summit of the Americas in Miami, where the 34-nation Free Trade Area of the Americas was launched, was completely a production of the CFR and the Rockefeller family. As we noted in these pages following the Miami event, the Summit of the Americas and the FTAA were conceived, nurtured, and brought to fruition by the Council of the Americas (David Rockefeller, founder and honorary chairman), the Americas Society (David Rockefeller, chairman), the Forum of the Americas (David Rockefeller, founder), the U.S. Council of the Mexico-U.S. Business Committee (Rodman C. Rockefeller, chairman), the Council on Foreign Relations (David Rockefeller, former chairman), the Trilateral Commission (David Rockefeller, founder and honorary chairman), the Chase Manhattan Bank (David Rockefeller, former chairman), and the Institute for International Economics (David Rockefeller, financial backer and board member).

The Miami summit had come close on the heels of the globalists’ victorious passage of NAFTA (accomplished thanks to plentiful lying, bribing, arm-twisting, and deceiving). Avid one-worlder Henry Kissinger, a member of the executive committee of the Trilateral Commission and a longtime power in the CFR, called the vote on NAFTA the single most important decision that Congress would make during Mr. Clinton’s first term. Indeed, Kissinger admitted in the Los Angeles Times in 1993 that passage of NAFTA “will represent the most creative step toward a new world order taken by any group of countries since the end of the Cold War....” NAFTA “is not a conventional trade agreement,” he said, “but the architecture of a new international system.”

At the end of the 2001 Quebec Summit, the heads of state issued a “Declaration of Quebec City” stating: “We direct our Ministers to ensure that negotiations of the FTAA Agreement are concluded no later than January 2005 and to seek its entry into force as soon as possible thereafter, but in any case, no later than December 2005.” (Emphasis ours.)

President Supports Insider Schedule

Speaking to representatives of the Organization for American States (OAS) and the World Affairs Council in Washington, D.C. on January 16th of this year, President Bush reaffirmed his commitment to creating the FTAA by 2005. The president also announced his intention to expand U.S. funding of the World Bank for this purpose:
We’re working to build a Free Trade Area of the Americas, and we’re determined to complete those negotiations by January of 2005. We plan to complete a free trade agreement with Chile early this year. And once we conclude the agreement, I urge Congress to take it up quickly. And I ask the Senate to schedule a vote, as soon as it returns, on renewing and expanding the Andean Trade Preference Act.

Today, I announce that the United States will explore a free trade agreement with the countries of Central America.... Our purpose is to strengthen the economic ties we already have with these nations … and to take another step toward completing the Free Trade Area of the Americas....

All of these efforts depend on one thing: Congress must pass trade promotion authority. [Emphasis ours.]

Mr. Bush and his one-world cronies are confident that their plans will succeed because they have already greased the skids with trainloads of money, courtesy of the taxpayers (primarily of the U.S., Japan and Europe). A syndicated New York Times report (April 23, 2001) provides an important clue to the stake the Insiders have in the FTAA, together with one of their most successful strategies — economic bribery. It stated:
The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank committed more than $20 billion for the nations of the Americas to strengthen their democratic foundations and prepare for free trade despite their disparate levels of development.

We have been receiving daily faxes sent out by the IDB, IMF, World Bank, and their sister institutions for many years. They provide a very clear picture of the completely corrupt process by which the Insiders have been forming their convergence “consensus” in Latin America. Each day brings announcements of tens of millions (sometimes hundreds of millions) of dollars in IDB “loans” for natural gas pipelines in Mexico, electric power plants in Argentina, highways in Bolivia, coffee plantations in El Salvador, etc. IDB cooperation can lift a Latin American politician by financing the programs that make him look good, or help his opposition by pulling funds and destroying confidence in his economic program.

Working hand-in-glove with the World Bank-IDB-IMF banksters are the corporate socialists of the Council of the Americas (COA) and the CFR. Some 240 COA corporate members with interests in Latin America — ranging from AT&T, Citibank, and Dow Jones & Company to Exxon, Ford, General Electric, IBM, Microsoft, Newsweek, Turner Broadcasting System, Wal-Mart, and Xerox — provide impressive muscle (and financial support) for the COA’s agenda. Most of these companies, with a heavy CFR presence at their executive and directorate levels, have proven to be reliable supporters of the one-world corporatist line. With their political and financial connections, the COA-CFR cabal help apply the carrot and the stick where needed, rewarding the unscrupulous with incredibly profitable, tax-subsidized business deals, and denying business to principled opponents of their schemes. This IDB-COA pincer strategy has proven very effective at pulling the business leaders of Central and South America into the FTAA camp.

There can be no mistake; despite all of the flowery rhetoric about trade, cooperation, and prosperity, the proposed FTAA, like the EU, represents tyranny by planned, steady encroachment. As both Mikhail Gorbachev and Christopher Story have noted, the EU process is accomplishing the Sovietization of Europe; the FTAA process, will do the same to the Americas — if we let it. We cannot wait until the velvet glove is removed to reveal the steel fist; then it will be too late. We must expose it ourselves.

At this point, The John Birch Society is virtually alone in opposing the FTAA monstrosity and exposing the real agenda and the movers and shakers behind it. Much of the Conservative opposition that materialized against NAFTA and the WTO has not rallied against the FTAA; the FTAA threat does not appear as imminent and concretely menacing to them. This has left only the controlled opposition of the Left: the Naderites; the environmental extremists; and the labor unions. Yet, every American has a real stake in this battle. The Insiders have set a timetable with a target of 2005 to lock us into the steel jaws of the FTAA trap. We cannot allow them to succeed in this effort. Americans must be made to see what a diabolical and treasonous scheme this is, how it strikes at the very heart of our constitutional protections and natural rights. Our enemies mean business, and so do we — every step of the way.

The best way, and perhaps the only way, to escape the FTAA trap is to build our Get US out! campaign. Only through the widespread understanding of internationalist goals and deceptions created by that campaign can we expect Americans to see through the deceptive gradualism of lying politicians. In addition, as part of our Get US out! campaign we plan to mount a special effort that will target specifically the dangers of the FTAA.

There’s much more at stake here than a change in the color of our currency. The FTAA also represents a far more serious threat than a mere expansion of NAFTA to cover all of Latin America. That in itself would be cause for alarm, but the FTAA goes much further. The “Final Declarations” of the Quebec Summit bind all of the FTAA countries to “commitments” on environmental protection, sustainable development, human rights, education, labor, agriculture, illegal narcotics trade, immigration, energy, transportation, gender equity, health care, and a host of other issues.

We know from hard experience that these loaded terms have been used to vastly increase the power of government at the state and federal levels, just as they are being used in proposals to grant new global powers to the UN. It took several decades for the Insiders to prepare the European people and to become brazen enough to push for these kinds of programs in the EU. It speaks volumes that they are so brazen with their FTAA programs right out of the starting gate.

The Insiders have a definite and aggressive timetable, and they’re clearly serious about it. We’re not facing a gradual erosion of rights and standard of living extending over many decades; we face the imminent eradication of our borders, the total destruction of our culture, and the elimination of America as we know it. We are facing the new FTAA “Soviet,” to use Gorbachev’s term. And make no mistake, if we allow the Insiders to succeed, this new Soviet will come complete with police state, gulags, torture cells, and firing squads.

Since that outcome is unthinkable, we had best get to work. Fortunately, we have a clear map for effective action through our Get US out! campaign and Committees.


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