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Build on the CAFTA Loss to STOP the FTAA! Alert, July 28, 2005


Build on the CAFTA Loss to STOP the FTAA!

As you have probably already learned, the House passed CAFTA early this morning by 217-215. (See how your Representative voted.)

Although we are deeply disappointed by this loss, we are not discouraged. From the beginning, we recognized that the pro-CAFTA forces would wield enormous pressure on individual congressmen to obtain a favorable vote. Although rarely mentioned in the news, the reason for the intense pro-CAFTA pressure is that globalists regard CAFTA as an important stepping stone to their even more dangerous Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

We sincerely thank all of you who worked hard to stop CAFTA. We've heard back how many of you have had repeated and lengthy personal contacts with your Representative and/or his staff regarding this dangerous trade pact. We're also aware that many of you have used our online resources to help persuade others to put the pressure on Congress.

Here are our thoughts as we retool for the FTAA battle:

  • This hard-fought CAFTA battle, even in defeat, has greatly improved our chances for defeating the FTAA. The closeness and fierceness of the battle points to the growing opposition to these "free trade" pacts. The momentum has actually swung our way. Furthermore, the CAFTA battle, by serving as a dress rehearsal for the FTAA battle, revealed the pressure tactics of the pro-CAFTA forces, and provided valuable extra time for informing Americans about the dangers of the FTAA and mobilizing them to oppose it.
  • All of us have learned a lot from this CAFTA battle that can be put to good use in stopping the FTAA. One of the biggest lessons is that personal contact with congressional offices is definitely a must in an important campaign like this; however, there must be a large increase in the number of voters doing this.
  • As we gear up for the FTAA battle, remember that these "free trade" pacts are part of the power elite's long range agenda of subordinating the U.S. to a world government. The NAFTA, WTO, CAFTA, and FTAA stepping stones to first regional, then world government are clearly following the European Union model; and in fact, the same internationalist power elite designed and developed both the FTAA and the EU.
  • Since we're facing a Conspiracy, engaging in debates over the economic consequences of the FTAA will not be as effective as exposing the sovereignty-destroying plan and the evil planners behind it.
  • We recommend a two-pronged attack: (1) continue to expose the FTAA deception to your Representative and Senators; and (2) greatly escalate your efforts to expose the FTAA deception to others in your sphere of influence, enlist them to do likewise, then leverage this new support to greatly increase the pressure on your congressmen to vote NO on the FTAA.
  • The most effective way to fight this battle is as a member of a chapter of The John Birch Society. It will take organization and a sound plan of action to help Americans overcome the forces we have just confronted over CAFTA.
  • As we shift gears from the CAFTA battle to the FTAA battle, remember to shift your attention from to

Although our nation's independence, our God-given rights, and the American Dream are all in the cross-hairs of the power elite, the fierce CAFTA battle has given us the additional time, knowledge, and fire in the belly that we'll use to beat the FTAA!


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