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Pulling the Plug on Fujimori
William F. Jasper

The New American, December 30, 2002

Globalists operating through the UN and the U.S. government crashed Peru’s economy and toppled its duly elected government to advance their new world order.


In April 2000, Peru’s President Alberto Fujimori said he was confident that he would win a third term in office despite what he called an “international conspiracy” to undermine his campaign with accusations of election fraud. The highly popular president had good reason for confidence. He ended up winning that election by a 10 percent margin, what is often called a “landslide” in U.S. political races. It turned out, however, that his concern about an “international conspiracy” had merit. His concern in this matter was not paranoid fancy, à la Hillary Clinton’s “vast right-wing conspiracy.” There was indeed a conspiracy out to get him, and get him it did. By causing economic instability, stirring up revolutionary violence, utilizing bribery and illegal campaign contributions, and creating an international clamor over alleged vote fraud, this conspiracy drove Fujimori from office and forced him to flee the country, to be replaced by Alejandro Toledo, a “reformed” radical Marxist.

Joining Señor Toledo, as new commissars in South America, are fellow Marxists Fernando de la Rua (Argentina), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), and Luis Lula da Silva (Brazil). All have been raised to power by the same conspiracy identified by Mr. Fujimori. Together with Fidel Castro, these leaders are taking Latin America back into the revolutionary turmoil of the Soviet era. The same conspiracy sovietizing our neighbors to the south has also been replicating this subversive process in other parts of the world. In Peru’s case, however, we have one of the most blatant, textbook examples of this conspiracy in action, with the major players plainly visible and damning evidence publicly available to a degree rarely seen elsewhere.

“Fujimori Must Go!”

Considering Alberto Fujimori’s remarkable 10-year presidency, American officials, and all supporters of freedom, should have enthusiastically supported him. His Marxist predecessor, Alan Garcia, had destroyed the economy, and Peru was collapsing under the fierce, Cuban-backed onslaughts of the Tupac Amaru and Shining Path terrorists. Fujimori defeated both terrorist groups, reversed socialist policies crippling the economy, privatized many socialist government enterprises, reduced government spending, stamped out much corruption, and cracked down on coca production and drug trafficking. And, contrary to the international propaganda campaign against him, he accomplished this without resorting to tyrannical policies or electoral fraud. No evidence has been produced supporting the claims that his election and re-elections were fraudulent or corrupt.

The hard-core international Left — the Communist Party-U.S.A., Socialist Workers Party, Socialist International, et al. — hated him for obvious reasons: He had smashed their terrorist comrades and dealt a severe body blow to the whole hemispheric revolutionary movement. The fraudulent, left-wing “human rights” groups condemned him for allegedly violating the rights of terrorists, and for refusing to release Lori Berenson, the U.S. left-wing activist convicted and imprisoned for aiding the terrorists. The internationalists in the Clinton administration, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the UN, the IMF, and other centers of power hated him for additional reasons: He refused to go along with Clinton’s phony drug war in the region (Plan Colombia), and his economic policies threatened to discredit and undermine the schemes of the international power elite.

The line-up of forces against Fujimori and the coordination of their subversive efforts were amazing to behold: The players in this gambit included the UN; the World Bank; the International Monetary Fund; the Carter Center; Human Rights Watch; the Socialist International; George Soros; and the U.S. State Department. Two of the key organizational players orchestrating the “get Fujimori” campaign were the CFR and Freedom House, which co-sponsored the important recent report on promoting democracy through the United Nations. (See page 20.) The role of these two groups in the conspiracy against Peru sheds essential light on the frightening meaning of “democracy” in the globalists’ scheme of things.

In abbreviated form, this is how they stole the election from the people of Peru and set in motion events certain to have devastating impact on our entire hemisphere.
  • Alejandro Toledo Manrique, a Marxist “progressive” educated in the U.S., was quickly established by the CFR opinion cartel as Peru’s “reform” candidate and popular “man of the people.” But Toledo had no popular base; he had served the international community for his entire career, working for the UN, the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Labor Organization, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. He also had been an economic adviser to President Garcia’s disastrous and discredited regime.
  • Billionaire currency speculator George Soros came to the rescue, providing Toledo with $1 million under the table. After first denying the illegal payoff, Soros was forced to admit to the crime, but he was never prosecuted for it. With the Soros funds, Toledo organized an escalating campaign of violence, culminating in deadly riots (which Toledo personally led) that precipitated financial panic. Soros benefited handsomely from this, as the Peruvian currency, the Sol, plunged on cue. This was a repeat of Soros’ role in helping to arrange currency collapses in Indonesia and Thailand.
  • Soros (a CFR member, his Soros Management Fund is a CFR Corporate Member) also set up further financial arrangements with Toledo’s wife, Elaine Karp, a former top executive at the World Bank and USAID. He introduced Toledo to Insider circles in Washington and Europe: the CFR; the World Economic Forum; Freedom House; and Human Rights Watch (which is heavily funded by Soros). Toledo signed on to the Declaration for World Democracy (i.e., world government) sponsored by the World Citizen Foundation.
  • The Carter Center, led by Jimmy Carter (CFR), along with other left-wing, international election monitors, converged on Peru. Without producing any evidence to support their accusations, they proclaimed the election process corrupt. The Carter Center has monitored dozens of elections worldwide, mostly under the direction of Robert A. Pastor (CFR), a militant leftist long associated with the KGB-connected Institute for Policy Studies. Pastor supported the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua and helped formulate President Carter’s disastrous foreign policy in Latin America. The Carter Center is hardly an unbiased source. Ditto for the National Democratic Institute (NDI), which joined the Carter Center in subverting Peru’s elections. Directors and advisers at NDI include Madeleine Albright, Mario Cuomo, Christopher Dodd, Stephen Solarz, and Andrew Young (all CFR). Rounding out this effort was Freedom House, led by Bill Richardson (CFR), a former U.S. ambassador to the UN and Energy Secretary under Bill Clinton.
  • The CFR media cartel took up the corruption theme, citing as evidence the charges leveled by the Carter-NDI-FH radicals. The UN Human Rights Committee also chimed in. President Clinton (CFR) pressured the Organization of American States to reverse its position on the validity of Peru’s election process. Yielding to the U.S. pressure, the OAS flip-flopped.
  • The Socialist International, the worldwide organization of Marxist political parties, supported Toledo and featured an article by him in their journal, Socialist Affairs.
  • Javier Solana, a radical socialist who served as secretary-general of NATO before going on to be foreign and defense policy coordinator for the European Union, rallied EU officials to condemn Fujimori and support Toledo.
  • Even with all these forces aligned against him, polls showed Fujimori leading by as much as 20 points. Toledo, on the other hand, showed badly in a number of media appearances, offending many voters with crude and vulgar comments, and demonstrating his ignorance of many important domestic issues. Toledo’s handlers, realizing that an upcoming debate with Fujimori could finish their candidate off, had Toledo drop out of the race in May 2000 and cry foul.
  • In June 2000, Soros took Toledo to Warsaw, Poland, to address the World Forum on Democracy, sponsored by Freedom House and funded by Soros and USAID. Soros shared the stage with Toledo, also joined by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (CFR), UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and dozens of other international Insiders.
  • Former UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, a Peruvian still active within the UN, as well as being active with the Gorbachev Foundation and Soros’ drug legalization lobby, joined the pro-Toledo forces. In November 2000, Fujimori finally gave way to the escalating tactics of the international lynch mob and took refuge in his ancestral Japan. Perez de Cuellar became interim Prime Minister — until Toledo could be legitimized with a sham election in 2001.
  • In November 2002, World Bank President James Wolfensohn (CFR) visited Peru to lavish praise and funding on the favored Toledo regime. He announced that Peru would be receiving $920 million over the next four years, and possibly as much as $1.6 billion.

The Fujimori-Toledo battle illustrates the brutal methods that the global elitists will employ and the incredible lengths to which they will go to establish their new world order; the independent nation-state will be swept aside and all peoples will be assigned “leaders” who will march them into the wretched global dystopia being constructed for us all. This is the new “global democracy” that awaits us if we allow the architects of this fiendish scheme to complete their planned empowerment of the UN.


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