Stop the FTAA!  

What is the FTAA?

What is the relationship of FTAA to NAFTA?

Does NAFTA/FTAA really promote free trade?

Who says that NAFTA and FTAA are more than trade pacts?

What is the real purpose of the FTAA?

What are the origins of the FTAA?

What is the timetable for the FTAA?

Why aren�t we told?

Can the FTAA be stopped?

Yes! But only if the deception is exposed widely among influential opinion molders will Congress have the backbone to reject the agreement. Since the Establishment-controlled media can be counted on to lobby vigorously for the agreement, portraying it as far-sighted, beneficial, and inevitable, only a grass-roots effort to inform the voters back home will convince Congress to stand up to this pressure. Click below for information on how you can help.

Action � How You Can Help!


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