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U.S., Australia Free-Trade Pact Agreed Upon - The Washington Post - February 9, 2004

"Free-trade" talks between the U.S. and Australia have resulted in an agreement which will now go before Congress.

"Reject CAFTA" Update - Stop the FTAA - January 29, 2004

President Bush�s game plan is clear. His administration plans to submit a series of FTAs to Congress in 2004 and 2005. And cap the series by submitting an FTAA agreement to Congress in early 2005.

Amnesty Proposal Consequences - San Diego Union-Tribune - January 27, 2004

In the three weeks since President Bush proposed the guest worker program, U.S. Border Patrol is already experiencing a 15% rise in forged documents discovered at the busiest land border crossing.

Republican Congressmen Take Heat Over Immigration Proposal - The Washington Times - January 28, 2004

Twenty-three congressmen sent a letter to President Bush indicating that they are receiving severe opposition to his proposed guest-worker program.

Amnesty and Betrayal - The New American - February 9, 2004

President Bush�s proposed immigration reform package is a shocking betrayal of our nation�s sovereignty, culture and economy. It must not be allowed to pass.

The New Wave of Outsourcing - University of California, Berkeley - Fall 2003

According to the Berkeley research, as many as 14 million service jobs are at risk of outsourcing.

Losing America�s Livelihood - The New American - January 26, 2004

The U.S. is headed for Third World status unless we change government policies that are driving U.S. businesses offshore, destroying jobs and putting entrepreneurs out of business.

Stop President Bush�s Proposed Overhaul of Immigration Laws - Stop the FTAA - January 8, 2004

President Bush�s amnesty program is a step in an even larger program to hand the U.S. over to a regional government--the FTAA.

Banishing Business - The New American - January 12, 2004

The burden of socialist regulations here at home, not corporate greed or even low foreign wages, is the single most important factor driving U.S. manufacturing jobs abroad.

Expanding Trade Agreements - Federation for American Immigration Reform - January 7, 2004

Since the 1994 enactment of NAFTA, additional "free trade" agreements have been adopted opening the door for U.S. jobs to move abroad.

Study Reveals External Costs Challenge U.S. Manufacturers - National Association of Manufacturers - December 9, 2003

External, non-production costs are responsible for adding approximately 22 percent to unit labor costs of U.S. manufacturers (nearly $5 per hour worked) relative to their major foreign competitors.

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