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"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it." – Patrick Henry, in his famous "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" oration at St. John’s Church on March 23, 1775.

When Patrick Henry spoke the above words, Americans stood at a crossroads, facing great danger. Today, Americans face a different but in many ways even greater danger — in large part because too few of us understand the threat.

It is impossible to provide a convincing summary of that threat, which encompasses the globalist/internationalist movement, in just a few paragraphs. Yet understanding that movement is essential in order to appreciate just how important the FTAA is to the internationalist elites driving this scheme and where they want the FTAA to lead. Accordingly, the reader unfamiliar with this topic is urged to read a few of the articles recommended below and become acquainted with some of the unpublicized admissions of the elites themselves.

Whatever arguments their think tanks generate to justify their schemes, the internationalists should not be allowed to obscure two key facts: 1) they are unalterably determined to accomplish their revolution; and 2) they are more than willing to deceive the public as to their aims.

A surprising admission of this practice appeared in a special "Issues 2002" issue of the International Edition of Newsweek. In "Death of a Founding Myth" Managing Editor Michael Hirsh puts a glowing face on the deception and argues that "we must now embrace the global community we ourselves built." Referring to the developments of the last century Hirsh writes:

"While the isolationists … tempted millions with their siren’s appeal to nativism — the internationalists were always hard at work in quiet places making plans for a more perfect global community. In the end the internationalists have always dominated national policy. Even so, they haven’t bragged about their globe-building for fear of reawakening the other half of the American psyche, our berserker nativism. And so they have always done it in the most out-of-the-way places and with little ado."

A current example of internationalist globe-building is the drive to amalgamate the Americas into one hemispheric union, through the FTAA. True to form the elitist architects hide their true intentions from the people who will be affected. This hemispheric union, ostensibly economic at the outset, would progressively encompass more and more of the political, leading to the eradication of national borders and the subordination of national constitutions to an emerging new regional government. The internationalist prototype for this progressive merger is the European Union. Internationalists are now attempting to replicate their successful EU prototype in Asia and Africa as well as in this hemisphere.

In a 1995 speech to an elitist audience in San Francisco, Zbigniev Brzynski, national security advisor for Jimmy Carter and architect of the Trilateral Commission, clearly stated the objective of the regionalism strategy:

"We cannot leap into world government in one quick step.... [This objective] requires a process of gradually expanding the range of democratic cooperation ... a widening, step by step, stone by stone, [of] existing relatively narrow zones of stability.... [T]he precondition for eventual globalization -- genuine globalization -- is progressive regionalization, because thereby we move toward large, more stable, more cooperative units."

In our system of government, such a drastic transfer of political power would require a constitutional amendment. But that would open up the proposal to debate and certain rejection. So the internationalists look to supercede the Constitution by simply ignoring it, superceding it through steady usurpation. Any federal politician who supports such a scheme has violated his oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

The evidence of such arrogant duplicity alone should inspire any prudent American to withdraw all trust and seek different leadership. It is dangerous and wishful thinking at best to believe that leaders who are so willing to violate their trust and deceive the American public really have the public’s interests at heart. In fact, the wars and other destruction that the Internationlists have visited upon the world to further their agenda leaves little doubt that if they were once able to wield the total power they seek they would be more than willing to suppress any dissent with the bloody hand of tyranny that has marked the totalitarian regimes of the previous century.

The subversive drive to build a world government is succeeding primarily because most Americans neither perceive the danger nor the direction from which the threat is coming — we are being betrayed from within our own camp. The tough reality, one that most otherwise informed Americans have yet to recognize, is that many of our top leaders, despite their smiles and nice-sounding words, are up to their eyeballs in advancing this subversive revolution. The main threat does not come from the plans of petty bureaucrats or wide-eyed radicals or even as a Communist plot from abroad. It comes from within. And that circumstance makes the threat much more dangerous and difficult to combat.

Yet the fact that the internationalists have to deceive the public points to a weakness in their grip on power. The internationalists can be stopped through exposure -- if a sufficient number of determined Americans will inform themselves and organize to do so.

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