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What is the FTAA?

What is the relationship of FTAA to NAFTA?

Does NAFTA/FTAA really promote free trade?

Who says that NAFTA and FTAA are more than trade pacts?

What is the real purpose of the FTAA?

The FTAA is a clever internationalist trap designed to undermine the authority of independent nation states accountable to the people while building a vast new regional government authority that the internationalists will control behind the scenes.

As bait for the trap, FTAA advocates offer economic bribes (such as World Bank loans to developing countries) and lofty promises of increasing prosperity in order to win acceptance for economic entanglements that will lead to increasing political entanglement.

In this strategy, FTAA planners are employing the same deceptions that were used successfully in Europe to create what is now known as the European Union, now widely recognized as a developing regional government.

Once known as the "Common Market," the EU was sold to unsuspecting Europeans as a "free trade" arrangement. The architects of world order view the Common Market-EU as the perfect model for NAFTA-FTAA � except that they hope to accomplish in several years� time with NAFTA-FTAA what has taken five decades with the Common Market-EU.

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